Thursday, March 21, 2013


I have a new obsession - Dahlia.

I discovered this brand by accident whilst grabbing my mouse and diving into the online world of internet shopping, but it was the most beautiful accident possible. Their clothes are divine. 

I love the way that they take classic trends and add a contemporary twist. I recently purchased the Sequin Sleeve Blouse which now appears to have sold out (I will post a picture a bit later). The intricate detailing combined with the sophisticated tailoring is beautiful and very flattering. You may look at their prices and think they're a bit steep, but they're not when you compare their quality of products to that of Topshop or River Island who are charging just as much in some cases!

This brand is up and coming - grab a piece that is unique (for now because I have a feeling these guys are going to make it BIG!) and stunning. 

Katie x

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