Monday, March 25, 2013

Kate Moss and the Great British style

I think that British fashion is one of the most diverse, under-recognized types of fashion in the world. However, maybe I'm bias because I'm English myself.

But on the other hand, how come Kate Moss has made it so big in the modelling and fashion world, yet Britain gets no credit for it?

Obviously it has something to do with her drop dead gorgeous looks and amazing taste in clothes but surely her culture has something to do with it too.

Due to her down to earth upbringing off her mother being a barmaid and her father a travel agent, and with little interest in academic subjects, Kate was always said to have had an interest in fashion. This is evidently shown when she became a fashion icon - starting the boho-chic trends and many of her styles in 2006 were influenced by the Rock N Roll era, which is still visible in many high street stores today (Topshop in particular . Maybe it was this Rock N Roll era that brought some of her culture back to her and made her British again.

She has since then appeared in many campaigns for Britsh company, emphasizing her patriotic views towards life in general.

She soon after that launched a collection for Topshop in 2007, which flew off the rails and is still going today.

To me, Kate Moss is not only a style icon, but a British icon too. Yes, she partied, yes, she did drugs and drank alot and yes, she may have had her fair share of eating disorders but that doesnt cover up the facts - because whatever way you want to look at it, shes a success. Whether you believe her culture and upbringing helped.. Topshop wouldn't have allowed anyone to have their own collection.

Lots of love,
Katie x