Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Three Floors.

Hey guys,
I want to share a cheeky fashion find with you all as I truly believe this brand deserves the recognition. If you're obsessed with fashion as much as me, you need this company in your wardrobe.

I stumbled across this brand accidently, but my goodness, I am so glad I did. They're stuff is divine and I love the completely unique designs. They're products are like nothing I have ever seen before, even after searching high and low on the high-street.

Check out my favourites from their website -

I am completely and utterly in love with these shorts. The shape is so flattering whilst also adding a rocky edge to the look. The contrast between the shirt and shorts is brilliant and makes the bright tones on the blouse stand out! LOVE. 

There is nothing more awesome than leather, and this skirt enhances the materials' beauty and rock vibe wonderfully. The upward V hem elongates legs too. I can't express how much I love this. 

LOOK SEE dress
Cut out is everywhere at the minute. Some brands do it well, some not so well. But Three Floor Fashion, not only do it well, but do it outstandingly. This dress is sophisticated with a cheeky roughed up edge, and the cut out allows the wearer to be daring and push boundaries. Moreover, the colour is beautiful!

DIZZY SPELL Print Shorts
These are my fave. So cute!

I am really hoping my paycheck this month will stretch the amount I want to buy this month. When I get whatever I end up buying, I will post some photos of how I style it!

Lots of love,
Katie x

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