Thursday, May 09, 2013

Introducing.. Lindsey Holland

Lindsey Holland is a successful fashion blogger, with connections with numerous companies as well as often being invited to blogger parties and events (she was recently invited to the Pretty Little Thing party). Despite her very different daytime career, her love and enthusiasm for everything fashion is still abundantly clear. I interview Lindsey to further explore how her love affair with fashion began, why should would never give up working for the NHS and her experiences with blogging.
Lindsey loves the tie-dye trend.

You originally trained, and currently practice as a Physiotherapist which is somewhat different to Fashion Blogging. How did you make the transition?
During my Physiotherapy Degree I was pretty bogged down by all the work. I read so many fashion magazines & blogs that I thought is start my very own as a way to cope with the stress at University! Everybody always tells me I'm in the wrong job, but I love being a Physiotherapist!

Being invited to blogger events, being a brand ambassador and being part of several big blogging communities, many would say you've "made" it in the fashion world. Would you ever give up your role as a Physiotherapist to pursue fashion permanently?
 I can't say that I would, I need a rewarding job and Physiotherapy in an NHS setting is certainly that! I like to get to know my patients and I've heard some of the most interesting stories through them.
Lindsey is sporting a My Flash Trash necklace,
a brand of which is she an ambassador.
How did you get involved in becoming the Brand Ambassador for FlashTrash?
I have always had good connections with My Flash Trash through blogging/tweeting about them on a regular basis, so it stemmed from my contact with them. it was a lovely opportunity to be asked to be an Ambassador for such a wonderful brand.

How do you decide what to wear on a day to day basis?
Honestly, I don't know how I make it out of the house some mornings! That's when I've even planned my outfit the night before in my head! I'm not too bad day to day, it's the events that put the pressure on. You should have seen the carnage in my bedroom before the recent Vogue Festival. I generally have a few fave pieces that I can make look different each time I wear them.

Who is your favourite designer, and why?
Lindsey description her excitement as
"uncontrollable" when the
Vogue photographer asked to take
her photo - Vogue Festival.
My favourite designer has got to be Stella McCartney - I love her use of tailoring and how each piece is so beautifully chic! 

If you had to shop in one place, where would it be?
Specific shop: Selfridges just for the brand volume they carry! Specific country: Australia, I love the chic independent boutiques, especially in Sydney.

Do you have any tips for an aspiring fashion blogger or journalist?
I started out with no fashion background whatsoever so as long as you are doing it for the love of it, you'll go a long way. I think the important thing is to always be yourself- try to create hype around your individuality. People love new and creative ideas!
Blake Lively - someone Lindsey would
love to style.
If you could style any person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Blake Lively! I absolutely adore her. Her style is amazing, sophisticated and chic, so I'd like to think I'd know what she could pull off.

Thanks Lindsey. Check out "Ropes of Holland" here.
You may fall in love with the majority of Lindsey's wardrobe, count this as your warning.

Lots of love,
Katie x