Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Instagram Week

Top Row: 
My beautiful university girls: It was Alice and Cathy's 20th birthday over the weekend so we celebrated with a few cocktails. 
Hat: I stumbled across this wonderful Miss Selfridge floppy hat and just fell in love. 
Bottom Row:
Style Diary: You can view my outfit here
Cosmo Blog Awards: I've been nominated! Please support Aim Above Limits and vote here

Top Row:
Toxic City T-Shirt: I am so so so excited for TC's new release over the next coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled on this blog for a release date (I write for them so you can get the inside scoop here!)
Revision treats: During revision, the only way I cope, is too eat my worries away - hence the Jelly Tots.
Bottom Row:
Milk Tray: My boyfriend surprised my with a box of Milk Tray - may not be the most outlandish gift, but it was very much appreciated!
Hair clip: I picked this beauty up in New Look. Keep your eyes peeled for how I style it!

Lots of love,
Katie x