Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Great Gatsby Fashion

The Great Gatsby is a classic novel from 1925, originally written by F.Scott Fitzgerald. It primarily follows the life and relationships of Jay Gatsby, a millionaire who's lifestyle refutes the American Dream ideal. Not only has the novel re-entered the book charts with the release of the 2013 film, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, but it's fashion has taken over the style field. 

The 1920's is renowned for it's implicit sexual content, alcohol and jazz music. Its fashion was elaborate, delicately detailed and glamourous and followed the exhilarating feel of hidden sexual desires by being subtly sexy yet beautifully feminine and modest. Head-pieces, beaded and flapper dresses are just a few styles that are being recreated for the return of 1920's fashion, mainly due to the new film release. 

Check out some of my favourites from Glam Net UK. They have achieved the glamourous feel that many of the 20's styles exude beautifully! Tassles, fringing and beading with a mixture of classic style allows the modern women to achieve the look effortlessly. More over, their contemporary take on the classics, for example, the adaptation into a maxi dress, allows an easy transition into a era past. Enjoy!

Are you sporting any 1920's fashion? Let me see what you're wearing to comply to the trend!

Lots of love, 
Katie x