Monday, June 24, 2013

Why does it always rain on me?

So just as I was taking these photos, the heavens opened and I had to run to the nearest cover. But, I did manage to get them.. just. 

Roks wanted to join in - he loves my Reclaim Bag!
I am completely in love with these shorts. They are from Oh My Love, a up and coming brand that delivers high-quality, reasonably priced pieces. There is so so much on there website that I am just coveting at the minute, I might even do a wishlist post later! Anyway.. I paired it with a top and boots from Topshop - the floral detailing on the top is so gorgeous. It is very dynamic and dimensional. 

 When I was away in Cornwall last week, this blazer was my saviour. Corded, fitted, black and traditional. What more could you want? It's vintage and I have no idea where it is originally from, but I like clothes like that - they have much more personality and character. 

As many regular readers know, I am absolutely in love with Reclaim Bags. The concept behind the brand and the quality of the handmade products are superb. They are versatile, unique and above all, environment friendly. No guilt fashion! Adore. 

Finally, my beautiful jewellery is from the wonderful Birdy Beeds. It is a small, independent, family run business, pioneered by the lovely Ruth. The jewellery is simply divine, and such high quality. It has a feminine, vintage feel to most of the products, whilst the other few are contemporary and modern fashion pieces. My boyfriend has just received a gorgeous teal leather bracelet, of which, he is now in love with (photos to follow when I can persuade him to strike a pose for my blog). I am particularly in love with the necklace. I adore statement pieces at the minute, and this one ticks all my boxes. So check her out!

Lots of love, 
Katie x