Thursday, July 25, 2013

20th Birthday Dress Wishlist!

With my 20th birthday just around the corner (half way to 40 means leaving my teens behind and safe to say, I'm terrified, especially since my boyfriend and beautiful best friends have already hit 20, and I have taken every opportunity to gloat!), the first thing that came to mind when one of my closest friends suggested we threw a joint party, was "what the hell am I going to wear?". I have searched high and low for the perfect dress that marks the occasion - something that says, "I'm not 21 yet so I can still be immature" but also, "I'm no longer a teenager!". To find a dress with the two criteria combined, as well as being in my price range, was no mean feat. So low and behold, I have assembled a wishlist - sadly, some are way out of my price range - yes Three Floor jumpsuit, I'm looking at you - but hey! A girl can dream right?

1. Nasty Gal - Adore Me Lace Dress.
2. Nasty Gal - Candy Drop Lace Dress
3. Three Floor - Soul Mate Jumpsuit
1. Virgos Lounge - Ruby Dress Jade
2. Cage City - Wages of Love
3. Sugar and Style - Gabriella Mint Embellished
1. - Gatsby Sequin Dress 
2. Motel Rocks - Paisley Playsuit
3. Lashes of London - Metallic Skater Dress
Send HELP! 

What should I wear?
Lots of love,
Katie x