Monday, September 30, 2013

Freshers 13.

As many of you regular readers will know, I have recently returned to university to begin my third year! As terrifying as that is, I have been blessed with a beautiful group of housemates who will, without a shadow of a doubt, keep me sane and happy. Freshers week has always been a crazy time and is renowned for being a week of insane antics, and well, I'm not going to lie, killer hangovers, and this year was no different. But, me being me, what I wore on each night out was a crucial part to my week. Check it out!

Night One:
Top - River Island
Skirt - Warehouse
Boots - New Look (insanely comfy FYI)

Don't I have the most insanely beautiful housemates ever?
Night Two:

Crop - Aqua by Aqua
Shorts - Miss Selfridge
Boots - New Look (told you they were comfy!)

Another one of my beautiful girls <3
It's sickening, right..?

Night Three:


 BEAUTIFUL purple shift dress - Missguided

Night Four:

(less exciting since it was a bar crawl but let's go for it anyway..)

Night Five:

So this wasn't a standard get-up for me, I may be odd, but not that odd, promise. For a belated birthday party, my housemates and I decided to throw a superhero party and thus, I went dressed as Poison Ivy! None the less, I am very much in love with this dress!

Can I also just take this oppurtunity to say thankyou for Suzie, Lucy and Alice for making Freshers 13 so memorable. They literally were my only vice during the most horrific hangovers and some pretty horrid events and without them, I am unsure what state my sanity would be in right now xxxxxx

Now the emotional stuff is out of the way, how was your Freshers and what did you wear?

Lots of love,
Katie x