Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Mallzee - Revolutionising Technological Fashion

I'm not very down with the kids (can you tell?) and so my ability to keep up with exciting and revolutionary new apps is not great. However, I am very into fashion so when I was contacted by Mallzee to collaborate on their exciting new project, I was very happy to oblige. What it is is a life-saving app that will forever change the way you online shop. The end result is a personalised list of clothes from a wide array of stores, all based on your individual style. It is so easy to set-up and literally takes about 2 minutes. I'm one of the most impatient people (waiting for iOS 7 to update was hell for me) so a fast and engaging opening is always key. The app has a very clean design, easy to use and everything is explained in detail so you're never confused! 

Don't believe me?
Choose your sex..

It then walks you through the basic actions required to work the app..

This is the end result - you can choose to add your friends to the app, which is a seriously cool addition. You can share products, rate them by doing a thumbs up or thumbs down so it's like you're shopping on the high street from the comfort of your own house (or anywhere!). Moreover, you can buy the product straight from the app. 

The personalised list (both right) is a god send. Despite the fact I never normally shop at Coast, I adore this dress and if it wasn't for Mallzee, I never would've found it!

You can download the app right here:


Lots of love,
Katie x