Sunday, December 15, 2013

Clothes Show Live 13.

Every year, thousands of fashion addicts flock to Birmingham's NEC for a fashion showcase in the form of the annual, Clothes Show Live. 2013 marked their 25th anniversary, and wow, did they know how to celebrate. With hundreds and hundreds of stalls of up and coming brands and designers, as well as a long list of celebrities and models and of course, the fashion show at the 'Fashion Theatre', meant that Clothes Show Live 13 was bigger and better than ever.
The dancers in the show wowed the audience with their impressive and enviable steps, whilst the stylists and models gave an exclusive insight into next season's fashions. The show followed the story of a group of friends' and their events throughout the festive period - a period that is often incredibly busy for many people, thus meaning, personal style becomes tricky and often expensive. This considered, what was lovely about the show was that the stylists were able to show how to wear more than one outfit in one way and often showcased alternatives to a simple dress and heels.

Clothes Show Live is also home to university stands and further education information. Being a student at De Montfort University, it was a pleasure to see DMU having a stall with all profits going towards the students graduate collection pieces (some will be picked for GFW!).

Being a HUGE fan of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model has led to several things;
1. I am incredibly jealous of their figures.
2. I hate how lovely Saffron seems, yet so
3. I had a small heart attack when I watched all the models on the BINTP catwalk at Clothes Show Live 13.
It was an absolute pleasure to see how passionate all the girls were about their jobs, and on a whole were incredibly down to Earth. Moreover, they took time out to meet and greet their fans (sadly, I didn't stick around!) but it was very humbling to see that they remembered their roots and who got them their popularity.

Did you go to Clothes Show Live 13?

Lots of love,
Katie x

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