Thursday, February 27, 2014

Style Diary - London Fashion Week - Look 4.

Just like my first look of Fashion Week, Look 4 is somewhat different to my norm. But hey, who doesn't fancy a change now and again?
(Please excuse the crumples in my dress. As usual, I was running late!)
The leather-esque pinafore dress and white lace neck blouse are both from Dahlia. They just have the most beautiful pieces in at the moment - a collection that is in complete awe of Spring Summer with an array of lace, gorgeous colours and wonderful finishes. Dahlia are my go-to for pretty dresses at the moment! 

I am a true lover of the monochrome trend so I jumped at the chance to pair these two beauties together. How gorgeous is this lace neck detail?

Right, here is my beautiful Gown & Oars watch. And finally, a photo that does it justice! Nathan has had his eye on borrowing this multiple times too since it comes with multiple different colour straps, it can be so versatile and unique to every person. I also have a beautiful yellow and white one which I am super excited to style, as well as blue and white!

At the age of 20, I have never owned a watch that has a date feature on it, so this was a welcome addition for me. 

The beautiful silver rim, and the crisp white face with clean black digits all enable this watch to be at the top of my list for everyday accessories. I literally haven't taken it off since I got it. The watches are designed in Cambridge, UK, and the beauty of the watches reflect the beauty of where it was made. A simplistic approach to time-keeping, but a wonderfully beautiful one, at that.

And, if you live in Cambridge, they can deliver to you within two hours free of charge! 

Beret - The Gallic Rooster *
Pinafore - Dahlia *
Blouse - Dahlia *
Shoes - Office
Satchel - Cambridge Satchel Company
Watch - Gown and Oars *
Sunglasses - Beyond Retro
I'm never normally one for hats, but this beret is the cutest thing ever. It's from The Gallic Rooster and is effortless to wear. To bring French fashion into the United Kingdom was a brave move from the brand, but it seems that the blogosphere have fallen in love with the French charm, since I have seen many of you wearing a beret! There are multiple ways to wear it, but I decided to go for the artist-esque kind of look. That, and Nathan convinced me he knew how I would wear it best. 

Hey, if Alexa Chung can wear a beret, why can't I?

Lots of love,
Katie x


  1. Love your beret. Tell me more about it please.

    1. You can check out their website here:
      That has everything you need to know :) xx