Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Brand Profile: Sammy Dress*

Would you look at these beauties from Sammy Dress? Not only do they do the most beautiful shoes, but Sammy Dress also stock dresses, jumpsuits, and many other beautiful pieces! What's more, is that they are all at fab prices. 

All available on http://www.sammydress.com
1. White Boots
2. Black strap heels
3. Black Boots
The website works on the basis of, the more you buy, the more you save and this happens due to their long standing relationships with factories and manufacturers, so the price you see on their website, is the factory price! How awesome is that?!

I decided to choose my top 3 shoes from the website: 
1. The white ones were an instant hit with me. Since much of my wardrobe consists of black, these will break up my uni-tone palette perfectly, as well as being ideal for the summer. 
2. I have been dying for a pair of heels just like this black strap ones above, for agessssss. Whilst places like New Look do gorgeous pairs, you see next to everyone wearing them. Through fear of sounding "hipster", I wanted something that I can say have originated somewhere different! 
3. And finally, another pair of black boots, that I definitely don't need seeing as I already have 6 in my shoe repertoire but, just, look how pretty they are!

What I would say is since Sammy Dress' main factory is in Hong Kong, the delivery may take longer than the norm. However, having said this, the items I ordered came promptly and I was informed of a tracking number so I could keep an eye on the postbox!

Have you ever ordered from Sammy Dress?
Let me know your favourite pieces!

Lots of love,
Katie x

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