Monday, March 31, 2014

CC Cream Lovin'.

When the lovely people at Escentual asked me to review the brand new Roasliac CC Cream by La Roche-Posay, I was over the moon to oblige. It comes in a smart and chic tube, with a wonderfully convenient pump. I hate make up that comes in a tube that you need to squeeze out - this is so easy to administer and makes applying it much more user-friendly. Even for the make up novices like me. 

What you must know about me is that, as a female, I wear little make-up. As you have probably seen from my blog photos, it's normally a case of some BB Cream, a little product on my brows, some eyeliner and a hint of mascara - the occasional lipstick may make an appearance - other than that, I don't really bother. This isn't through being lazy or uninterested, it's a case of I have never really found a product that makes me really want to wear it (besides Clinique, Dior and YSL..sigh.). However, this CC Cream took my breathe away a little. 

It comes in a gorgeous silky finish, and a beautiful texture when applying. As you can see from the video below, I use my hands. And I know, I know, all you beauty fanatics out there are going to tell me off, but I prefer using them to a brush! I think the coverage is more even, you can concentrate on areas more, and as long as you anti-bac them before and after applying make up, I don't really see any issue! In my humble opinion, anyway. 

This CC Cream applies like a dream, and gives good even coverage, as well as doing what it says on the tin - it colour corrects. I pop a bit of my Clinique foundation powder on after to matte out the finish slightly, but I think this may be due to my slightly oily skin, so if you have drier skin, then this may not be necessary!

Have you ever used anything from La Roche-Posay before, or any CC Cream? Which have been your favourite?

Lots of love,
Katie x

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