Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kicking back with Converse.

These photos were taken in between rain showers over the weekend so I apologise for any stupid faces I am pulling - turns out, spring is still cold! Oh, the glamorous lifestyle of a fashion blogger..

Anyway, on a more positive note - why have I never owned a pair of low top Converse before now?! Thank you Cloggs.co.uk for changing this! Having always normally opted for the high-top version, I have never realised just how versatile the lower option are! 

When I first took these out the box, my boyfriend instantly said, "Well, these need making a little dirty!" and I love that Converse comes with that "grunge and messy" stereotype. The fact that the dirtier the shoes, the more loved they become. I cannot wait for summer so that I can pair them with cut off shorts and a big baggy t-shirt. I can tell that they are going to be my go-to when the warmer months come! However, the great thing is, Converse shoes are not exclusively reserved for the heat, and work just as well in the midst of winter.  

Kimono - Motels Rocks*
Jumpsuit - Motel Rocks*
Crop Top - AQ/AQ (old)
Trainers - Converse at Cloggs.co.uk*

If you read my blog over fashion week, you would've seen this jumpsuit styled slightly differently. Here, I styled it in a sporty kind of way, in order to compliment the Converse. However, the oriental print on the kimono introduces a very luxe and modern vibe, as well as pop of colour to break up the monochrome palette! The jumpsuit and kimono are both from Motel Rocks - I really urge you to give their website a little once over, because their new arrivals are simply divine! 

How do you style your Converse? Do you like them clean and crisp, or grungy and dirty?

Lots of love,
Katie x

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