Tuesday, April 29, 2014

GUEST POST: One for the boys.

We met Katie at the UK Blog Awards and we instantly knew that she was a fashion blogger and together with the dapper looking Nathan, they very much looked the part and we’re pretty sure Katie knew we weren't up for a fashion award. After we got Highly Commended for the Food and Drink category she gave us a quadruple dare to give fashion blogging a try, so here we are trying our hand at a bit of fashion writing.
The dare was 10 top tips to try & look cool if you can't or don't want to grow a beard, so here goes.
Having a beard was once the domain of old people in the pub, rock stars and history teachers, but not anymore. Stylised beards are now THE facial accessory to be seen with, but if you’re like me growing a decent beard is something I can only dream about.
1)   We will start with the most obvious, buy a fake one. This is especially useful for those who could grow a beard but are scared of it looking crap after 3 months of looking homeless or if you’re going to a fancy dress party and beards are mandatory. There are a number of websites that supply the Theatre industry with such items, and you can even buy human hair ones. Our favourite website in our quick search was Beards and Moustaches.
2)   Buy a beard hat, there are literally hundreds of different styles on Amazon so you’re bound to find one you like, but if you do go down this road don’t expect anyone to think it’s real.
3)   Get knitting one! Especially if you’re on a budget and want a new hobby, you could get your very own personalised beard hat and just think of the money you’d save at Christmas if you started making them now. Alternatively if have an open minded knitter in the family you will probably be able to sweet talk them into making one for you.
4)   Wear a bow tie, there maybe a new Doctor Who but bowties are still cool and this comes with the added bonus that they look awful on people with beards. So you can wear your bowtie with a cleanly shaved face with pride.
5)   If bow ties aren't your thing, what about a cravat? Yeah so they’re perhaps a bit arty, but they do offer a bit of neck protection when the temperature drops in an evening. Warning the new Doctor Who might wear a cravat and we’re not saying that will be cool.
6)   If you have a cat you can give yourself a Cat Beard, admittedly it’s not great for long periods of time or going out of the house, but for an impromptu selfie there’s little to beat it. Just make sure you give the cat treats
7)   Just don’t bother, beards are going to go out of fashion at some point in the not too distant future and Gillette are probably working on a scheme to make a cleanly shaven face cool again before you know it. So just be happy with yourself.
I’m going to stop at 7, I think that’s enough. If you want to read about Food, drink and other London related stuff then head over to Londonlife.uk.com but if fashion is your thing, you’d do well to stay and look around Katie's Blog - at least until we convince her to guest blog for us!
Adam Clarke, Editor of London Life UK

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