Friday, April 11, 2014

Maxi Loving.

Finally, some SUN! Yippee! And to celebrate the arrival of what I hope will be the better weather, I thought I would give my gorgeous maxi skirt from Fabric Boutique, its first airing. What I adore about this skirt is that it comes in a fairly light-weight fabric, which is perfect considering it's black and we're swiftly heading towards Summer (where has this year gone?! I'm in the process of revising for my finals, and I have no idea where the time has gone!). What's more perfect is the two slits up the front of the skirt, high enough to give shape, and look floaty when you walk, but not enough to be considered too short. I cannot wait to wear this over the Summer for BBQ's and the such. I have a feeling it will be my ultimate hot weather go-to. 

I paired it with my beloved sleeveless denim jacket. If you read my blog regularly, you may know that my lovely boyfriend is a Fashion Design student, who is soon to graduate. Since we are both students, for Christmas, instead of spending a fortune on going out and buying something, Nath opted to make me an item of clothing. He umm'ed and ahh'ed over it for a while, and decided on this awesome sleeveless denim jacket. He really is fab at what he does, so get in touch on his Twitter below if you fancy having a chat with him about any of his designs, or collaborations etc. 

Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Necklace - Alice's Wonders*
Bralet - Topshop (sale)
Skirt - Fabric Boutique*
Bag - Paul's Boutique*
Brogues - Clarks
Sleeveless Denim Jacket - Handmade by Nathan (Twitter: @NathanBishop56)

Ring - Glamira
I paired the skirt with this new beauty from Paul's Boutique. Bags from this brand were all the rage whilst I was at high school and I was never lucky enough to have one. But my oh my, am I glad I waited. This one is such a beauty and SO MUCH ROOM. The neon trim piping is a gorgeous touch, and adds a really summery feel. It's such high quality too. Their latest range is simply gorgeous. Check it out here.

The necklace worn above is from boutique, Alice's Wonders. I was meant to attend Bloggers Love event, Bloggers Fashion Week, but sadly, I was unable attend for multiple reasons, and thus, I missed the brand showcasing their pieces. Luckily, the lovely Catherine sent one out to me so that I didn't miss out. I am so relieved because it is so beautiful. Such vibrant colours, and the shape falls elegantly against the body. 

And lastly, let's just take a moment to admire this bralet from good ol' Topshop. My ultimate sale buy for a mere £6.30 (£7 minus student discount!).

Back soon.

Lots of love,
Katie x


  1. Great skirt! Looks very pretty on you

    X Sara

  2. Thank you so much lovely :) Have a wonderful weekend xx