Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Sheer layers.

I just had to snap a quick picture of my new favourite lipstick. Not normally one for high-street make-up brands (my skin doesn't normally like them, sadly!), I was over the moon when I found this divine colour by Rimmel. The colour is 128 Starry Eyed and is a gorgeous, really deep purple colour. I also have my eye on a very similar one from Limecrime. Do you know the best UK stockist for Limecrime lipstick? Help!

Dress - Britfash*
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this dress? Done? Okay, cool. 

From the lovely people at Britfash, it's a beauty. I adore the contrast collar and sleeve cuffs, they give such a lovely finish. The monochrome print is right up my street. I did warn you that I was a lover for such colour palette! 

I first stumbled across Britfash when I saw the lovely Megs, from Wonderful U, showcasing a piece of their jewellery on her blog. But not only is the jewellery range divine, the dresses on the Britfash website are so lovely. All very reasonably priced, and come in the most gorgeous quality. I also have my eye on this bralet for summer. 

I paired my dress with my trusty sheer kimono from H&M. This is still my bargain of the century, coming in at a mere £5.99! I wore it at fashion week too, and got many people asking where it was from due to the beautiful finish on it. It's amazing how high quality the high-street can be sometimes!

And finally, my absolutely beautiful, knee high, black leather boots. 
Country Attire have catapulted into the fashion scene over the last year, in particular. They stock the most high quality brands including Barbour and Hunter, and most of the time, they're prices are unbeaten! I can tell this brand, and these boots, are going to be a spring staple for me. The ability to style these shoes in a magnitude of ways is so exciting, and is definitely something I look for in my purchases. The easier the season transition, the better!

Boots - Country Attire*
Kimono - H&M

Have you shopped at Britfash or Country Attire before? Also, if you know anywhere I can get my hands on that Limecrime lipstick, please comment below!

Have a lovely day - hope the sun is shining!

Lots of love,
Katie x

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