Monday, May 12, 2014

Creature Jewellery - Interview with Founder, Lucy Watson.

Creature is 15 piece jewellery venture designed by Made in Chelsea star, Lucy Watson. Lucy was initially inspired by nature and her surroundings having grown up in Surrey. Having recently appeared in PETA's latest campaign, I spoke to Lucy about her love of animals, Creature Jewellery, and, of course, Made in Chelsea. Check out what she had to say!
Photo courtesy of LucyWatson Twitter.

Hi Lucy.

Firstly, if you could tell me a bit about the inspiration behind the concept for Creature. I understand that a lot of the ideas came from the surroundings in which you grew up in Surrey, but what else inspired the collection? 
I love animals, and I always have. I grew up around animals, and it made sense for me to develop a product range with something that is so close to my heart. I didn't want to just partner with an existing brand where I didn't have any input, so this was a great way of me creating something. Any money I make from the show I reinvest in my business, and it's given me so much joy to build my own brand. I think it's great to take the inspiration of nature and marry it with fashion. All the pieces are things I would wear, and I hope there is something in the range for everyone.

Creature Jewellery Stock Photo.

What motivated the movement to create your own jewellery range? 
From being on Made in Chelsea, I have the chance to meet some really interesting people and have access to seeing the mechanics behind some of the biggest fashion and jewellery brands. I decided that I wanted to build and create something that will become a viable business enterprise for me, so I thought now would be a great time!

I’ve read that the collection aims to bridge the gap between fashion and the animal world - but what made you decide to launch a jewellery line, opposed to that of capsule clothing collection?
For the time being, my passion is more aligned with jewellery. I would never say never with a clothing range, but I felt more comfortable exploring the opportunities within a jewellery range.

Having appeared in PETA’s latest animal campaign, is this something that would you like to pursue further? Perhaps setting up your own animal charity or shelter, or similar, within the coming years?
I am really interested in the cosmetics side of the industry. I think that everyone should use cruelty free cosmetics, and I would definitely love to explore that in the future. I would also love to model with PETA again, as I really support their cause.

What has the public reaction been to Creature? Have the Made in Chelsea fans been supportive of your new venture?
I have had an amazing response. The website crashed when I launched it! I'm developing new products and I just hope that everyone likes it!

What’s next for Creature? 
I am developing new products and I am looking to expand online and into new stockists. I am also planning to do an exciting photoshoot for the brand.
Creature Jewellery Stock Photo.

And what’s next for Lucy Watson?
I have recently been announced as the face of Lipsy, which is exciting. My book comes out on May 22nd, and I am off to New York to film during the summer for Made in Chelsea.


Creature Jewellery is available online here. And don't forget to watch Made in Chelsea, tonight, at 10pm, on E4.  

 Lots of love,
Katie x


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