Thursday, May 01, 2014

Fera Jewellery.

Midi Fera Ring - Fera*
Fera Ring - Fera*
Manicure courtesy of B London Boutique*

Gold Geode Ring - Fera*
Mori Pendant - Fera*

Fera Jewellery are the newest kids on the block in the field of bold and innovative jewellery. Combining raw and dark concepts with luxury metals and finishes, Fera Jewellery are unique, in the best way possible. 

The wonderful Jo, who owns Fera jewellery, was kind enough to send me a few pieces to have a look at and style up. The bone necklace is my absolute fave. As much as I love a good piece of jewellery, it is normally in silver. Don't get me wrong, the right piece of gold, and I'm game, but silver has always been my go-to. It's versatility, endless style and the way that the colour can be worn with a magnitude of different tones make it my safe bet. Having said that, I love the Fera gold ring, as pictured above. Again, heavy and solid, and in a really awesome design that is stand out from anything else I have seen on the high street. You pay for what you get. The quality is simply divine. 

Fera, in Latin literally means "wild, untamed and savage". And this collection is differently off the chain. I love the gothic element to the pieces, as well as the thick chains and spikes that are consistent throughout. It is incredible to think that all the piece are handcrafted, and love and passion are poured into each one - that is evident. 

Have you checked out Fera Jewellery yet? Have a look at how I style the bone necklace here.

Lots of love,
Katie x 

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