Saturday, May 10, 2014


Skinade has been all over the blogosphere for the last few months, and with their innovative and unique concept, I cannot blame bloggers for jumping swiftly on the bandwagon. We are always told and encouraged to plaster our skin with toners, cleansers and moisturisers, and for the most part - as long as you have the right one - they work wonderfully from the outside. But what about from the inside? Is there anyway we can help our skin look healthier and younger in another way? Yes. Say hello to Skinade. 

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Skinade is a drink that aims to repair and strengthen the skin from the inside so that the skin look better and healthier on the outside. Cool, right? 
You have to drink it on a daily basis (I'm told it doesn't taste bad, either!) in order to notice firmer and more toned skin. But not only that, it can also encourage healthier hair and nail growth. If you are like myself and know someone with joint pain, then they can also use Skinade to help with this, as well as multiple skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. 

Still not sold? Why not enter their competition to be in with a chance of winning a 30 day trial of their drinks. Just click here!

You are most welcome. 

Lots of love,
Katie x

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