Wednesday, June 25, 2014

100% Summery.

Headband - Loving Alice*
Dress - Scarlett Fashion*

Watch - STORY Jewellery*

Brogues - Dr Martens via Cloggs UK*
If you know me, or read Aim Above Limits regularly, you'll be fully aware of the fact that I rarely wear girly dresses. But this beauty from Scarlett Fashion just jumped out at me when I was browsing through their website - and FYI, it's not the only beauty on there. Today saw the third day of my Drapers Record internship, and I was feeling somewhat ready to embrace summer - daring or what? It's a beautiful length, just long enough to protect your modesty, whilst being short enough to remain cool in the sun on the underground. 

Whilst we're at it, let's all just draw our attention to the wonderfully gorgeous beauty that is the latest addition to my hair accessorises. From independent brand, Loving Alice, this white flower headband is handmade and perfect of the upcoming festival season. The lovely owner of Loving Alice, Isobel, is such a dream to chat too, and will happily make any headband to fit your needs - in any colour or size, I really urge you to drop her a line if you have any summer events!

My trusty Aila Dr Martens from Cloggs, made an appearance, too. Having never been one for the boot style from the brand, and having a wonderfully comfy pair of black leather T-Bars from Office, I decided to opt for yet another a pair of brogues.  Anyone who has tried to wear Dr's without socks will no doubt understand the pain that I went through - rookie error. Although, I hear that if you put the shoes in the freezer with a bag of water in them, when the water freezes, the shoes expand, thus, softening the leather. Any other tips to soften and stretch a brand spanking new pair of Dr's?

Lots of love,
Katie x

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  1. Those brogues are beautiful and they pair perfectly with your floral crown.