Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ideal Festival, in collaboration with Boohoo

When the lovely Jess contacted me asking if I wanted to get involved with Boohoo's latest blogger campaign, I was absolutely over the moon. And since I have never been to a festival, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to create my own - one that fits my style, the celebrities I admire as well as my favourite headliners and festival fashion ideas. 
I would share a tent with...
Fearne Cotton..
and steal her entire festival wardrobe. She can also tell me the best shows and headliners to go and see!
Anne Hathaway.. 
Having always loved Ms Hathaway, but in particular her style and persistently beautiful make up, I would love to see how she would cope under the festival pressure and see which essentials she would find compulsory! 
My big sister, Jennie..
As a seasoned festival goer in her day, she would be a handy member of the team to have around. 
My headliners would be…
The Who..
I grew up around this kind of music, especially since my Dad was a huge fan of the era, so it would be amazing to see The Who live. When I was younger, I used to do a lot of dancing and I always imagined myself prancing about the stage to Pinball Wizard. The field of a festival is the same performance space, right?
A slightly different choice, but I am truly gutted I never got to see them live before they broke up. My sister would be in her element, too!
 would be free for all attending.
Sky lanterns..
I would ask everyone to write their name and email address on a tag, as well as a small note about themselves, and set them off into the sky. I did this at my 18th birthday, and it was wonderful to do something so magical with my family, so I can only imagine what it would be like at a festival! Cue 'Wonderwall'..
The item that I could not go without would be…
Polaroid Camera..
I've always enjoyed spotting my favourite outfits and pieces on a celebrities, whilst they are at festivals, all over the world, so having a polaroid camera on hand would be invaluable for this past time. Just like fashion week, I love seeing what festivals have to offer in the style stakes, so a polaroid would be ideal to take with me to snap an outfit that I lust, and get the person to write their name and blog/email address on the space at the bottom. This would make a fab blog feature upon returning from my festival!
Wellies or Wedges?
Festivals are not complete with the standard Hunter wellies.
Beach or Field?
I would much rather take home a litre of sand, than a litre of mud..
The theme would be…
Vintage Mayhem..
A place for all things vintage, shabby chic (my god, I had that phrase!) and cute, whilst also offering the best of festivals - craziness, meeting new people, drinking a little too much, and of course, the openness to a whole range of fashion. 
Celeb spot of the weekend would be…
Robert Pattinson..
If it could be arranged for him to look just like the Dior advert, that would be even more perfect. 
This is what I would wear…
1. White Longline Blazer
2. Kimono
3. Black Lace Playsuit

2. Kleated Shoes (prefer the black but sadly could not see the beauties on the site!)
3. Floppy Hat
Let me talk you through my choices. A blazer is going to be an essential for watching the headliners, come late evening. Whilst white is probably the worst colour to choose for a festival, I just couldn't help it. It is so beautiful and versatile. Kimono's are a go-to, right? Layering will come in very handy, whilst a playsuit will maintain my normal, more classic dress sense. I decided to shake things up a bit with my shoes and accessorises, to complement my kimono colour choice, and add a little excitement and fun to the outfit. The necklace and shoes(which I did ideally want in black!) add a fun, girly boldness to the outfit whilst the hat adds a welcome clash of colour. 

What would your ideal festival be?

Lots of love,
Katie x

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