Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Co-ord Compliance.

Firstly, allow me to apologise for my absence over the last few days. But hey, on Saturday I gave you a wonderful interview with the ever so charming Lily Fortescue, so I thought that would see you through until now! I've been super busy with my internship at Drapers, which I finish on Friday, before proceeding off down to the seaside for the weekend to begin to celebrate Nathan's graduation, which will take place on Monday. I am so proud of him for over coming so many personal hurdles this year, so he thoroughly deserves his degree, and a wonderful day to celebrate it. However, this does leave me in somewhat of a wardrobe dilemma in regards to what to wear! I think I may opt for a co-ord set, possibly this beautiful White Lace number from ISWAI.

Speaking of co-ords .. I've given in. I admit it. The co-ord trend has taken it's hold on me. And how can you blame me? Have you seen this adorable print from ISWAI? Made of lightweight denim, it is the perfect summer alternative to other materials and styles. I have always loved buttoned shirts, so this cropped shirt is right up my street, and never normally opting for skater skirts, this was a somewhat brave move for me, but I think I like it (minus my translucent legs.. sigh). 

The contrasting colours wonderfully compliment each other, just another aspect that make this style incredibly different to the other co-ord styles out there. Flowers, check, gingham - everywhere. Well, not with this set and what a welcome change! 

Co-ord - ISWAI*
Shoes - Missguided*

Necklace - Eclectic Eccentricity* 
Send me your links to your co-ord posts. Would love to know what prints you are loving!

Lots of love,
Katie x

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