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Interview with the very lovely Lily Fortescue and cheekfrills.

Cheekfrills burst onto the scene in 2012, and haven't looked back since. Offering grown ups an ode to their childhood with their days of the week underwear, that offers comfort, style and sex appeal, too. But this isn't all they offer. Cheekfrills boasts a range of sleepwear and underwear which ultimately promotes comfort whilst encouraging the inner beauty that underwear should allow every women to feel. Initially Rosie Fortescue and her twin sister, Lily, were the faces for the brand, but Lily reveals that she is really the brains behind the operation with partner in crime, Katie Canvin. Check out my interview with Lily here, where we discuss inspiration, life and all things cheekfrills. 

Firstly, for those who have never heard of cheekfrills, tell me a bit about the brand.

Cheekfrills is a brand made purely from the finest modal and since launching in November 2012 the brand is about making everyday underwear fun. Bright hues, fun slogans and embroidery, with everything coming as as set, it’s the perfect gift as well as being the best knickers in the world.
What was the main inspiration behind the brand?

A need for a great, everyday underwear brand that was fun and put a smile on any girls face. We started with our hero product which is The Days of the Week set, which consists of 8 knickers counting Monday down to Sunday (with a happy day thrown in for good measure) which our clients went crazy for -  almost reminiscent of when you are young!
Where did the initial inspiration for the designs come from?

The need for great, fun, everyday knickers… really that simple! And also the constant hunt for pants that lasted the test of time, in both the washing machine and remained having a sexy look on!
What role does your Made in Chelsea star, twin sister, Rosie, play within cheekfrills?

It’s a common misconception that Rosie has something to with cheekfrills, but being the amazing twin she is, she just helped me out at the start by starring in the first press release images of our first collection… its me and Katie Canvin that run cheekfrills!
What do you think the main desirable and eye-catching aspects of the brand are?
The bright colours, neons and fun box sets, like The Bride Box for those brides to be and The Jet Set Box for the buyer or fashionista on the go. The fact that we are working on exclusives with Goop, Barneys and we designed bespoke knickers for all of Poppy Delevingnes hens for her hen party at Coachella, says we are going somewhere. Everyone from  the likes  of Sienna Miller to Alexa Chung had their names on their knickers!
Your managing director states that cheekfrills aims to become the first pair of knickers that you grab when getting dressed. What do you think makes the brand so capable of achieving this against its competition?

There is no other 'great knicker brand' out there – the modal means that the product actually keeps its shape, unlike 100% cotton which sags after one wear. The 3% elastane in our product is so important whilst its tactile butter like feel puts us in a league of our own!
You're lucky enough that some of your stockist include Selfridge's, Liberty and Fenwicks. Do you have any advice for budding entrepreneurs out there to enable them to get their first big break in this industry?

Believe in your product. I honestly am baffled if a stockist doesn’t want to take on the brand, as once you try one pair you are hooked. Its all about faith and persistence and not taking no for an answer!

And finally, if you could describe the brand in 3 words, what would they be?
Cool, fun and so comfy you never want to take them off!
Check out the full range here.
Lots of love,
Katie x

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