Tuesday, July 01, 2014


National Transplant Week is running from 7th-13th July 2014, and I am taking this opportunity to become involved in the NHS Blood and Transplant's latest blogging campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to 'spell it out' - to explain to people why I am on the National Transplant register, the importance of letting your families be apart of the decision, and to provide more information to you guys, to maybe encourage you to do the same. The idea behind the campaign is that myself and several other bloggers will be spelling out the phrase "I WANT TO BE AN ORGAN DONOR", each taking one letter of the sentence and tagging the next blogging with the next letter of the phrase. The ultimate goal? To create a campaign that you guys can trace and follow the trial from start to finish and hear multiple stories and reasons behind why we all want to be organ donors.

The campaign this year, as previously mentioned is focusing on the importance of allowing your families and those closest to you to be apart of the decision making process in becoming a organ donor. Even if it is something as little as giving blood, to have family support is crucial to the likelihood of donating. Research has found that 31% of people are less like to donate if the decision isn't known by their support network. I was encouraged to give blood by my big brother, who has done so for the last.. 20 odd years. Never has he had a bad experience, and he always talks about how rewarding he finds doing so. And I have to agree, having given blood only a handful of times (shame on me) it could not be quicker or easier to do so. The pain element of donating is minimal and whilst it is a little strange to see the blood leave your body, the satisfaction and rewarding feeling you get afterwards is more than worth it. 

However, this campaign focuses more on organ donation and sadly, this often comes after you have passed away. With the fear of getting morbid, I'm going to make this brief. If you want to be an organ donor after you've taken your final breathe, please talk it through with your family first. Firstly, they deserve to know that it is what you wanted so that they can fulfil your wishes and secondly, as statistics have suggested, the rates of donation significantly lower once your family are aware of your decision. 

The Spell It Out campaign is trying to encourage the public, that's you guys, to spell out your donation decision to not only your family, but to the NHS and join the register, should you wish too! This means that your family are not left with the burden of making the decision themselves, when they will already be suffering with a loss. 


Follow the blogging route here by visiting Mind Over Matter, and sign up to be a donor here.

Lots of love,
Katie x

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  1. I am so glad to be involved in this campaign too