Thursday, July 03, 2014

Summer? Is that you?

Kimono - Select Fashion*
Dress - Motel Rocks*
Boots - Desire Clothing*
I'm almost halfway through my time at Drapers Record and I am loving it! I'm learning a lot, and meeting lots of fab people so overall, it's been a thoroughly worthwhile experience. 

I went for something more casual today and just threw on this little number from Motel Rocks and paired it with a nice floaty kimono, again from Select Fashion. Having always been a fan of the cold shoulder trend, this dress was right up my street. And it's in my favourite colour. Nathan always winds me up about everything being oxblood - including my trusty Cambridge Satchel. What can I say? It's just my go-to colour. Thus, when I spotted this kimono which also had oxblood in it, I instantly knew that these two were a match made in styling heaven. And tu-dah - this pairing was born. 

Note: always wear shorts under a dress in London. Some poor women made this rookie error at the tube station today and her dress blew right up due to the incoming train! 

Enough from me for now - go and enjoy what's left of the evening sun (if it's sunny where you are).

Lots of love,
Katie x

P.S - my bad about the crumples. Should definitely have looked at the state of myself once I got in from work. Sorrrrrry. 

P.P.S - happy birthday Daddy!

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