Thursday, August 07, 2014

Get Ready with Me and Headmasters: Beach Waves.

So, I don't know if you've heard but Headmasters have launched a pretty awesome new service, and I went to check it out at their Soho branch. Pioneered as the modern alternative to a perm, the Beach Waves effect service leaves you with.. well, beach waves. 
Except, unlike a perm (at least the ones I am aware of), there is no heat involved. Instead, they pop some bendy rollers into your hair, along with a little magic setting lotion and leave you to read the latest magazine for a while. I went to the Soho branch of Headmasters, and my stylist for the evening, Ollie, was such a dream to work with. He effortlessly glided around my hair, putting this that and the other into it to make it look fabulous. He gave the ends a little trim - as I have been a slave to my straighteners for quite some time - before proceeding with the Beach Waves service. 

Whilst the product was in my hair, Ollie kindly recommended some products to keep the style in good condition, whilst also offering two different styles of waves - the Glamorous, or the Beach Wave. Little did I know, that both are more than achievable, even for a hair novice like me. Here's what Ollie suggested to use after the service:

Paul Mitchell Blonde
L'Oreal Wild Stylers
Kerastase Elixir Ultime

You may notice that one of the products is designed for blonde haired beauties. Ollie explained that due to one of the ingredients within the product, it helps deeply nourish your hair after a perm-like treatment. The other two products are for styling. The L'Oreal Wild Stylers Beach Waves is ideal for creating a more tousled look whilst the Kerastase Elixir Ultime is perfect for more glamorous curls. Me being me, have always opted for the beach waves option. 

And here's the fabulous result!

Beach Waves service - Headmasters*

I'm so happy. I haven't had to put any form of heat on it - hairdryer included - since I had it done. In terms of care, I wash it as I would normally and then leave it to dry naturally. This often means leaving the house with damp hair, but with the weather being so glorious as it has been recently, it has dried in no time, and added a little oomph to the look. Once it's dry, I squirt some beach waves salt spray through out, and that's it! Daily hair crisis averted. 

Before I left the salon, I quickly asked the lovely Ollie a few questions, so that you guys can get a better understanding of the service and whether it's appropriate for your hair type.

How's the service gone down with your customers? Has it been successful?
Tousled beachy waves are always hugely popular in the salon especially in the summer months, and the new L’Oreal Beach Waves technical service is ideal to recreate this look.  

What type of hair does it work on best?
This service is perfect for people who have healthy hair but feel that it’s a bit lifeless – the Beach Waves service creates width and a gorgeous loose wavy texture, totally different to old-school perms! It’s best suited to hair which has little to no colour on – pre-lightened or highlighted hair would become too dry and sensitized so avoid it if you have bleached or lightened your hair. 

What do you think of my fabulous new hairstyle?
I’m so happy with the final result on Katie’s hair – the textured waves are so on trend and it’s going to be a lot easier for Katie to style and maintain. I’d recommend this service to anyone who loves that ‘just got back from holiday’ effortless look or has struggled to recreate this look with styling products.  

Quotes by Ollie Blackaby, Artistic Ambassador, Headmasters 

If your hair is in need of some TLC and a break from heat, this treatment really is ideal for you. Get in touch with the wonderful Ollie at Soho Headmasters on 020 7734 0222 if you fancy it.

P.S. Sorry for my absence - normal service will resume this after the weekend. 

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