Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Wonders of Mallzee.

Every Friday night, my best friends arrange a girls night, more commonly known as FNGN - Friday Night Girls Night. Due to things picking up speed as of late, as well as being in a long distance relationship until recently, my attendance has been minimal, but I've always been there in spirit. Some weeks this holy girls night can involve pizza and films and a chill on the sofa, whilst others can involve getting prettied up and heading out to town. Whatever we do, Mallzee is always there for me and comes along for the emotional ride of what to wear. You can download it here

Having been a loyal follower of the app since its launch, seeing the company grow and develop an app worthy of awards has been very cool. What I love most about the current version of the app is easy to use interface - something that is of the utmost importance for me when choosing what deserves the right to use up my iPhone memory - because, lets face it, we don't get much. However, Mallzee incorporates this incredibly user friendly notion with fashion - so, what's not to love? Swipe right if you love, and left if you don't. The pieces that you love automatically get saved into your 'saved' items, much like my beloved ASOS Saved Items list. 

I actually really love this blazer but swiped the wrong way!

This element of the app, combined with the ability to compose 'style feeds', as well as explore that of others, really makes dressing for a FNGN an easier task. I've got a big fancy family event coming up within a few weeks - fancy enough to buy a new dress and give my Jimmy Choo's their first outing! Mallzee will truly come in so handy for this task. Here's some of my early favourites:

Vero Moda

Have you ever used the wonder that is Mallzee?

Let me know in the comments below,
Katie x

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