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Cassabo recently burst onto the scene to fill a visible void within the phone accessories scene. Combining practicality, style and functionality - which, let’s face it, are all key components to a useable phone case, is not always easy, or successful. 

What I adore about Cassabo is the organic nature of the brand - no gimmicks, no spoofs, just wholesome style and quality. When speaking with Stuart, the owner of Cassabo, he commented that the inspiration behind the brand was to create something that produced ‘tailor made, Saville Row inspired phone cases from good quality and genuine leather’. We can’t argue with that!

Pink Ribbon Foundation
I then asked him the question that all consumers want to be able to ask CEO’s - what makes Cassabo better than the others? His response was simple. ‘You can create your own, and it’s unique’. Two for two, can’t argue with that, either.

When browsing through the Cassabo website, I was immediately taken by the products in support of Breast Cancer. As a topic that is incredibly dear to my heart, finding a brand that is prepared to help others in any way shape or form automatically catches my attention. There is something so lovely about brands who see a problem, and see a solution through what they do - by enabling a consistent stream of money to be donated to worthwhile causes to ensure that they are doing all they can to support the fight. Stuart, commented ‘we always like to help a good cause, and a few close friends were affected by the illness’. 
Pink Ribbon Collection

By the sounds of it, Cassabo do not plan to stop with phone accessorises though. With expansion plans to move into handbags, shows, purses and other leather accessories, the brand is definitely one to watch. 

 When hosting an interview, I always like to get a real feel of how much the CEO loves the products that they sell, and how much they truly believe in them. Stuart’s enthusiasm in the next answer oozes out. When asked what his favourite product is, Stuart replied, ‘the tan ostrich case because it matches my tan belt and tan shoes. I particularly love it because my phone case is all that I need, as it has a credit card slot so it’s perfect for me. One accessory that carries all I need.’
Black Croc Range

Hearing that a man is so passionate about accessories really is a breath of fresh air. As someone who adores being able to coordinate certain parts of an outfit, the ability to design my own with Cassabo means that I can design a piece that is truly versatile, unique and, me! I’m so excited to watch this brand expand more. 

I really love the Classic range, the simplicity of the white is simply beautiful, but my ultimate favourite is that of the black croc.

For the full range, check out www.cassabo.com

What’s your favourite piece?
Lots of love,

Katie x 

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