Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Claridges: Part 1.

Upon arriving at the prestigious Claridge's London, we walked through the old revolving door, and entered the grand entrance lobby. I forced myself to take a look around and truly appreciate the marble beauty of the floors, the never ending corridors and the revolving stairs, before laying my eyes on the sky high lilies that were perfectly lined up in front of a grand mirror. It was a strange sensation, as I didn't feel out of place, but I didn't feel 100% at home either. I was fully aware of just how magical the venue was, and how many special memories the walls must hold.

The Meadway clan ventured to Bond Street to celebrate our parents 40th wedding anniversary. I know, 40 years! It truly is inspirational to see just how in love they still are after so many years. 

Such a grand and beautiful venue needed beautiful jewellery to match, and on this occasion, rose gold was the only option in my eyes. Enter Olivia Burton and BERING. 

Watch - Olivia Burton @ The Watch Hut*
Ring - BERING*
This Olivia Burton watch has filled the most noticeable of voids in my watch collection. Having pined after many rose gold pieces for quite some time (here's looking at you, Michael Kors..), I was over the moon to finally call this little beauty mine. The full Olivia Burton range can be checked out here - and I really urge you to do so, they're all so beautiful..

You can find out which watch would suit you, or your loved one, with The Watch Hut's fancy (and quite frankly, handy) online quiz. It's so simple and produces accurate results so you can buy in confidence. Check it out here.

The ring comes from BERING's Arctic Symphony collection and I just adore the design. The outer band unscrews meaning that you can change the inner band with such ease. On this occasion, I opted for a brown mesh band to truly bring out the vibrancy of the rose gold. 

I really did try to steal some of these marshmallows as they were simply and utterly delectable. In the most delicious flavours - raspberry, strawberry, lemon, coconut and with two chocolates to complete the set - they were the perfect after dinner (and dessert, and three glasses of wine..) treat! Yummy.

That's it for now. 

Lots of love,
Katie x

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