Monday, January 19, 2015

A Selfie Stick Christmas Diary*

I don't know about you but every single person on my Facebook news feed appeared to get a Selfie Stick for Christmas. Including myself.

I'm also aware that this post is a couple of weeks late, but due to my absence over the festive period, I'm just catching up on all my blogging shenanigans. 

My Selfie Stick came from the wonderful people over at and it proved great fun throughout the Christmas period. Christmas Day is notorious for dressing my little dog, Jess, and my sister's dog, Rohkea, up in ridiculous outfits. We restrained this year and just opted for a simple hat, thus, the Selfie Stick came in incredibly handy for capturing this short-lived moment (Roks hated his hat, hence the bad quality of the photo as we quickly tried to take a shot before he ran off to get rid of it!).

Oh mannnn. I miss Christmas - only another 335ish days to go though, right?!

K x

*All photos taken on a selfie stick provided by

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