Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Looking back at 2014.

Allow me to apologise for my blogging absence - things have been a little crazy, but HAPPY NEW YEAR (only 13 days late..). 

I thought it would be appropriate to kick of the new year on Aim Above Limits by reflecting back to what happened during 2014, since it was quite a big year for me and mine, so here goes..

I graduated!

University was not an easy ride for me, so when I say that I was relieved to graduate, I really mean it. Whilst I enjoyed the experience, the structure and added extras of university - being broke, insane amounts of work, long hours, being away from home - were not my cup of tea. Ultimately, I was doing a degree that I didn't want to do, and I wanted to start my real life.. in fashion. 

I started a new job!

Enter point two. I started my first proper, grown up, full time job! Despite only being there for what turned out to be three months, I am so grateful for the opportunity that Alex and Alexa gave me, and the copywriting experience that they offered me. 

I turned 21.

My friends and boyfriend had spent the last year turning the big 2-1, and it was finally my turn! What did I do to celebrate? I had a huge family meal out - there was 20 of us! - and it was wonderful to be surrounded by my favourite people. I was then whisked of to Cyprus for a week to spend some time in the sun with Nath and his family - the perfect end to a fab birthday. 

I moved in with my boyfriend, and moved half way up the country.

Probably the biggest change that happened to me in 2014, was moving up to Chester and moving in with my boyfriend. Whilst it was no easy move, full of a lot of ups and downs, it was ultimately the best decision we've made. 

I started another (but this time, my dream) new job!

Why did I move half way up the country? To start my dream job, of course! I am now a very happy Account Executive at a fancy PR firm in the heart of the Chester countryside. I liaise with the most prestigious press on a daily basis, talk to my favourite bloggers all day, and above all, represent the most exciting and stylish fashion and lifestyle brands around. 

My parents celebrated 40 very wonderful and very happy years of marriage.

Back in November, my wonderful parents celebrate 40 years of marriage! In true Meadway style, the whole clan wandered up to Claridges in London, where we were treated to a fancy meal, lots of wine and marshmallows, and complete with plenty of laughter. 

What does 2015 hold? Stay tuned..

K x

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  1. Congrats on the new job and graduating x Best of luck in 2015 :)

    Caitriona | Blog